Monday, April 15, 2013

iPad之一:免费应用Moodboard做演讲 iPad 1: Easy Presentation by Moodboard Lite


其实大量用做他用的应用可以方便地在语言课堂里使用。iPad的免费应用,Moodboard Lite版,就是其中之一。Moodboard的界面与做创意工作的人员用的平面设计板很像。拿服装设计据个例子,这个板上就可能钉着设计师想用颜色,布料,以及设计师的设计笔记。现在这个设计蓝图的板面就是iPad的荧幕。

我们可以在上面放从网路下载或者存在iPad里的图片,可以加文字,加箭头,加颜色,加胶带, 加图钉。这些编辑功能都罗列在屏幕底部,一目了然,不用开启不同的菜单。很像在PowerPoint时代以前的幻灯片时代,可以直接在透明的幻灯片上写写画画。所以用Moodboard这个应用做演讲稿,图文并茂,而且制作过程简单得多。


Recently on the LinkedIn Confucius Institute forum, someone asked about the iPad app that we can use in the classroom.  Countless cute looking app with all kinds of functions have been around ever since iPad was introduced to the market.  Unfortunately, there is a few specifically designed for language teaching and learning.

However, many apps designed for other purposes could be easily applied in language classrooms.  Moodboard is a good example.  Moodboard looks like the inspiration board used by designers or people working on creative jobs.  The iPad screen now represents the physical boards the designers use to pin their fabrics, color options, and notes.

You can put images you clipped from Internet or stored in your iPad, add text, add arrows to point at things, add color, add scotch tape, and add thumb tags.  All these different choices you would use to design your own inspiration board are arranged neatly in a singly line at the bottom of your screen so you don't have to open different menus.  You can just drag them and put them on your screen.  This is like what we do on those transparent slides (used before PowerPoint era), drawing and writing directly on those slides.

After the presentation is finished, you might already guess what could happen.  The presentation can be shared via email, stored on iPad directly, shared on facebook, or shared on twitter.
Since it is way much easier than PowerPoint, students will be able to finish the presentation in class and send it to the teacher right away.  Therefore, I would call this a true cloud application.

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