Tuesday, April 2, 2013

有意思, 有哲理的小故事,也可以用来学习语言,学习人生。可以学习的语言点 “如果”, 助动词-“会” “可能”, “最终”和“终于”。可以做的活动,根据图画及部分故事补全故事, 课堂讨论“如果......, 可能/会发生什么”也可引出其他助动词,例如“应该”,讨论这些助动词的不同处。

A short story that teaches life lessons can be used to learn language as well.  If you are a Chinese teacher, the language points in this story are "if", auxiliary verb "be likely to""possible", "at then end""eventually".  You can show part of the story and have student finish the story according to the picture.  You can also have a class discussion using "If......, what can possibly happen".  Also you can use this discussion to set the stage to talk about "should/ought to/must" and learn about the differences among these verbs. 

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