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《非诚勿扰》中文一年级,AP中文《超越》第十一课娱乐和休闲 Use You Are The One TV Show in Chinese I, AP Chinese

(Short English version is at the end.)




他姓什么? 为什么?

  1. 做运动, play basketball
  2. 看电视和看电影
  3. travel,red wine



什么时候用这段呢? 和上面我提到的用法类似。老师们甚至可以在考试的听力,口语,写作部分用这个内容,根据教学目标设计测试具体内容。

Because of my parents' influence, I watch "You are the one", once in a blue moon.  Disregarding what we think about this TV program, it does provide rich, authentic materials for teaching the language (idioms, etc.) and culture (Chinese pop culture, etc.).  These materials could be used at every level.

Last year, we used the part that the male guest's friends talk about him, when we studied the lesson on making friends, from the AP textbook, Chaoyue.  This lesson talks about how to describe appearance and personality.  Students can see how people describe another person's personality and other characteristics.

I just watched the program from last Saturday, March 15th.  The part of the second male guest, again, provides interesting materials for either level one or AP level. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4zZ76NZwYQ&list=PLtFDvh1SGFq-grMiPuS0HnMgM5viPbyJp

Guest's self-introduction can be used at level one.  Here are some questions for your reference:

  • Where is this guest from?
  • What is his last name? How come he uses this last name?
  • What does he like?

The last part when the female finalists introduced their own lives can be used for Lesson 11 from Chaoyue, Entertainment and Recreation. Here are some questions for your reference:

  • What are their entertainment and recreational activities?
  • What kind of traditional art form does the Korean girl study?

These questions can used to help students review or do practice exercises.  These questions can also be used to set up the stage for following activities.  You can use these questions in the assessment.  Or you can design activities and questions based on the learning objectives.

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