Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Online Tool-MYLO 新的網上工具-MYLO

Recently, one of the teachers at school referred me to this awesome website MYLO (he learned from Guardian resources for educators).  MYLO has resources for several different languages including Spanish, German, and Mandarin Chinese (in simplified characters).  It actually has well designed content and the topics cover a wide range from basics to more advanced ones, from pinyin, characters to daily life (school life, greetings, shopping, using internet, and ect.)

The graphics are cute enough but not overly childish looking.  It has listening comprehension part (the lesson) and the speed of the speech is normal, not overly slow.  It has games/little quiz for vocabulary that you can listen to the word with the English explanation and find matching Chinese words with pinyin. I really like this design because it provides ample scaffolding for learners.  It assess students' comprehension of the words without overburdening students.  Most importantly, registration is completely free for educators as well as for students.  We, teachers, like free stuffs, don't we?  So check MYLO out:

各位中文老師朋友們, 最近發現一個特別好用, 設計風格可愛卻不過分幼稚的網站: MYLO. 這個網站有基礎篇和挑戰篇. 基礎篇比較適合初中級的中小學生. 基礎篇里差不多涵蓋了初中級漢語都會講到的話題, 從拼音寫漢字認字到日常生活. 每個話題都設計了可以聽加圖或者聽加文字的課文, 用來幫助學生練習聽力很棒. 每個話題也有配對等遊戲幫助測試學生對生詞的理解. 生詞配對的練習里, 學生可以點英文解釋聽相應中文生詞的發音, 中文生詞也帶拼音, 提供給學生很好的輔助信息, 學生做練習學習生詞也沒有很大壓力. 還有小測試和比賽, 都可以讓課堂氣氛更活躍, 也可以讓測試學習成果的活動更有意思.

最重要的是這個網站對學生老師完全免費, 難得很. 大家都可以去網站瀏覽一下:

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