Thursday, May 30, 2013

Organize, equally important 整理收集也很重要

After almost an entire school year of careful experiment and evaluation, I bet we have collected several useful online tools and various resources that we want to try in the future.  One question is how we organize and keep these resources.  Bookmarks used to be the answer, when we only visit a few links during the Internet stone-age years.  Nowadays, we encounter countless pieces of digital information.  Bookmarks can hardly keep up with our digital collection.  I don't even know what I keep in my bookmark folders or possibly there aren't any folders.

I came across Symbaloo, an online application that help organize Internet resources or stuffs (i.e. links, webpages, etc.), when I went to a language professional day.  The lady who teaches at Highpoint in Pasadena taught us several amazing tools.  How did she showcase those awesome tools?  She showed it on Symbaloo.  I will dig out her name and tell you all later.  But a big thank-you to her here!

I like Symbaloo, because it has a very sleek design.  It also has a cool namel.  Using Symbaloo, now you can make a Webmix.  Whoever came up with the name, webmix, captures the essence of Symbaloo's function.  Organize all the Internet stuffs you use and put them in a mix. You create a nice-looking tile for each link and put them in a collage that makes sense to you.  Like many other personal tools, you can name your own webmix, customize the background, customize the colors of tiles, and so on.  Pretty much everything online has some social media flare.  You can search for others' webmixes on Symbaloo and make yours public or share with other users.  Symbaloo also has a division for education with online resources related to teaching and learning.

So instead of going through the jungle of bookmarks, you have a neat-looking pretty tile collection that has all the essential Internet stuffs you need.

一個學年下來, 我們一定收集了很多有用的網上資訊和工具。 不久以前的網路石器時代,我們還可以用書簽功能來整理這些信息。 可現在每天我們都收集到巨大量的資訊.  我已經根本不記得我的書簽文件夾裡有甚麼內容了。

最近在一次進修時我知道了Symbaloo這個非常管用的法寶。Symbaloo設計簡約順暢。你可以把常用的網上鏈接做成一塊塊的圖標,排列起來,一目了然。你可以給每個鏈接集取個好記的名字,你也可以設計整個鏈接合集的外觀。你可以搜索起他用戶的鏈接集,也可以和朋友分享你的鏈接集。Symbalo也有專門和教育有關的Symbalo Education, 裡面有不少教學用得到的網上資料和工具。

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