Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Transfer PPT to Youtube Video 怎么把幻灯片做成youtube影片

Actually it is really easy.  I believe many of us are masters of PowerPoint (PPT) making, adding cute visuals and intriguing animation.  PowerPoint can be made more animated if you turn it into a video.  The only thing you lose is the animations you put in your PPT file.

The easiest way?  If you have a Mac, simply click on Save as Movie.

To further customize your video, you can use MovieMaker on PC/Windows or iMovie on Mac.  The first step is to save the PPT as picture, under the file menu.  A folder will be set up under the same file name.  Each individual slide will be saved as a JPEG image in this folder.  You can import these images to MovieMaker and iMovie, record your lecture, add music, and any other visual/audio elements (subtitles, transitions, etc.).

I am a Mac person, so I use iMovie.  My next step is to share the video directly on Youtube.  When you click on Share and then click on Youtube, a window will come out for you to put descriptions, tags, how you want to share the video (across all the devices or otherwise), and who can view the video (private vs. public).

Now the PowerPoint is transferred to a Youtube video lesson and students can also revisit the lesson.

You can also use Apple program iShowU for real-time screen capture, which cost $60.00.  This program doesn't have security problems caused by Java script run by other programs for the same function.  Real-time screen capture is an extremely (I rarely use this word) when you give instructions on how to do things, step by step.  A cheaper way is to capture your screens frame by frame, use PhotoShop or PowerPower to add texts/symbols to these images if you want to, and then transfer these edited images into a tutorial video.



如果你想进一步编辑电影,你可以用movie maker的软件,也可以用苹果机的imovie。首先把幻灯片另存为图片。一个同名的文件夹会自动生成,每张幻灯片被保存为单张图片。然后把这些图片放进电影编辑器,再添加其的视觉听觉效果,比如音乐,讲座录音等等。


你可以用苹果60美金的iShowU软件,实时抓拍屏幕。实时抓拍是做一步一步使用介绍的影片最好用的办法。iShowU比较安全,因为不用后台安全有问题的Java系统。如果想用更省钱的办法,就是自己手动(用screenshot在pc, 或者shift+commend+4在苹果)把每个屏幕拍下来(好像很多教怎么下载软件的图列)。用PhotoShop或者PowerPower编辑这些图片,按照上面的步骤再做成教学电影

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